" Los Alamos "

Argentinean cottage production leader in high selected queen bees.

Great gentleness and superior productivity at the service of the industrial beekeeping.

"Los Alamos" bee farm is a familiar enterprise, that has the exclusively queen bees mothers artesanal selection and the massive production of pure queens since 1976, for the Argentinean apiaries and the bounding countries.

    The genetic line used is the one called "Naveiro" variety, it is the result of the "italianization" of the wet pampas beehives several decades ago. Successive incorporations of Italian queens (Apis Mellifica Ligustica) coming from Italy and the U.S.A., selected under the carefully supervision of well renamed queen bees breeder such Jacinto Naveiro (1907-1982) let then make an ecotype of great capability to be adapted to the different apiary regions and industrial development that the actual beekeeping has.


The carefully kindred registers that take place in our cottage assure that the queens produced here are the best up to 10 generations or more.

The basic parameters for the selections are:


  • GENTLENESS: It makes an easier handling and the low the costs.

  • PRODUCTIVITY: Makes a summary of all the relevant economical characteristics such is the resistance to illness, the capacity of recollection, etc.

  • BREED PURITY:  It warranties the transmission of the desired qualities to the next generations.


The best attention given to the bees from the spawning until it is caged and given makes the functional quality of "Los Alamos" queen bees to be well estimated by the beekeepers. In the hatching we guarantee a good feeding, vitamins and mother bees, taking apart undeveloped bees during the fecundation, we make a hard control of the spawning quality of the queen bees guarantee their future performance in charge of the beehives.




Junín - Buenos Aires Province - Argentina

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E-Mail: prieto@infovia.com.ar

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