Yugoslavia's case - Letter to Hillary Clinton

Buenos Aires, may 16, 1999

Lawyer and wife of the
Honorable President of the
United States.


We admire you because of your open mind, intelligence, sense of justice and deep human feeling.

We are a group of intellectuals from Argentina. We write to you to express our thoughts about Yugoslavia's Case.

God gave people language and brains to resolve with intelligence and in peace their problems. It is the big difference between man and animal.

We consider a good policy would be for Kosovo's exiles to forget war's horrors that killed innocent children, common people and young soldiers, that they should not return to their land, hate will still be there. Although there are intention to rebuilt the damage done by the war, it cost around 60.000 million dollars, but worse is that children and men that died, because of war can't be brought back, as building are. Bring kosovo's people to Latin America, it will be healthy for their minds to reiniciate a new life.

In a cold analysis. What was the reason for war? Land. Then, there is enough land in Latin America and markets too, We have to apply HENRY GEORGE's thougths and KEYNES theory - land, work, consume, to create more work and so forth - as President Roosevelt did with the New Deal.

This is a call for your attention: Latin America is relatively empty and needs people. Europe is overpopulated (about 120 inhabitants by square kilometer). Latin America still is not well enough developed.

Thanks to inmigration U.S.A. grew. Inmigration to Latin America stopped a long time ago. As President Kennedy stated land and inmigration were principal development's forces. Just is the right moment to bring Kosovars, Kurds, Ukranians, Russsians, etc., for humanitarian reasons, with the support of International Organizations as UNITED NATIONS, World Bank, etc. under the direct administracion and supervision for an strict check up the Program, with men of those Organization that give the support, in order to avoid corruption. Many Non Gubernamental Organizations with knowledge and experience about urban planning for Latin America as Lincoln Institute of Land Policy (MA), the Center for Study of Economics (Columbia, MD), Robert Schalkenbach Foundation (NY),etc. will be a very important helping for this Program. Some similar to Marshall Plan, but with the idea to return the money back. Nothing to do with Latin America Governments, however accepting all existing immmigration legislation.

Good countries to bring Kosovars, Kurds, Ukranians, Russains are BRAZIL and ARGENTINA. The former, BRAZIL, has cities as Belo Horizonte with a population of 4 million, majority with an European background; Curitiba the American Architec Alan Jacobs, classified it as one of the 3 better cities in the world to live in, and Porto Alegre, on the cowboy land ("gaúchos"). A big majority of the BRAZIL´s population has European background, which facilitates integrations of Kosovars, Croats, Ukranians, etc. About ARGENTINA's situation is even better. First at all, Preamble of ARGENTINA's Constitucion protects all men of the world that want to inhabit the Argentine land, and it commands to Federal Govern to encourage European immigration (art.25). Except its Capital, Buenos Aires, that is overcrowed, rest of the country is practically empty. The Argentine continental territory is about 2,7 million of square kilometer and it is ocupated by 36 million inhabitants, all of them with European background. If this country were habitated as Europe (100 h/km2), its population could be more than 200 millions.

We must to have in mind, that we are entering a XXI century with half of the world´s countries undeveloped and starving, altough a World Conference about disarment, with the under- Secretary of U.N. in Kuwait in 1985 or 1986, was told "starving in the World will disappear by the year 2000". It is still pending. We have now the opportunity to convert misfortune of million of human beings in a lot of fortunate families. We must develope those people to get jobs, in order that they have money. Development can open new markets. Besides to be a humanitarian action our plan is a good business for all countries.

Peace will be reached only when men have rigth to live with dignity, as it is written in the 30 articles of Univrsal Declaration of Human Rigths. The first human right for each men is the right to acces to land. As is told by Native Americans when they pray: "That we may touch the Earth / with kind and gentle hands; / that freedom may be found / in this and others land, / and peace shall reign / troughout the world"

Our wish is to reach your heart. We will be very grateful, if you could give some thought to our letter.

We trust you and your husband to bring Peace.

We remain respectfully yours,

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