Tamur Chronicle or Tamuranaga
Diferent topics
Tamur Chronicle


-Burma. Second world war

-Full moon
-Burdalak 1, Burdalak 2

Either for magazine or for Daily newspaper. Tamura, an ancient samurai, made a revolt against his master when he tried to murder a wise old man, ending with all the guard and the master personal. His followers, the Tamurs, since then give their secret protection to those without whom humanity just could not survive, using any resource available, plus their own strict secret war discipline. Leila Paz is introduced to the secret brotherhood by Rimac, a young tamur apprentice to whom she helped in Hong Kong.

Then he took her to the island of Jada where she met Anibal Vortek, master Tamur.

Three available Tamur adventures, all independent, around 12 pages each. ALSO AVAILABLE FOR DAILY DELIVERY IN NEWSPAPERS.